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Join our Team

We are building a strong, collegiate, creative, forward thinking and entrepreneurial team to form strong partnerships and find resolutions for our growing and high profile client base. We are building a law firm of the future.

What makes us different:

  1. We are committed to creating leaders. We want our lawyers to be leaders and make a difference in the world and to this firm. Therefore, we invest in technical and soft skills based professional development on a regular basis.
  2. When we say we invest in technology, this does not merely mean a generic case management system or e-signature platform. Our aim is to develop our technology to make life easier for our team including bespoke secure video conferencing, instant messaging and a mobile application for our team and clients. This allows us to be agile to assist the needs of our team and our clients. 
  3. We work hard to promote the mental and physical well being of our team.

We are continually on the lookout for talented litigation solicitors, barristers, mediators and paralegals to join the Wyn Legal Team either as consultants or staff members. Whether you would like to join us now or in the near future, why not get in touch for an initial discussion by filling in the below form.