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Property Possession Disputes

Legally reviewed by:
Wyn Legal team

Eviction of an occupier of a residential property without a court order is unlawful pursuant to the Protection from Eviction Act 1977.

Whether you are a landlord looking to obtain possession of a property rented to a tenant or a tenant who is renting a property looking to resist an eviction, our team will work efficiently and robustly to get the result you require.

We can help landlords:

  1. Review agreements with tenants.

  2. Draft notices, whether these are formal Section 21 Notices, Section 8 Notices or Notices to Quit.

  3. Commence possession claims.

  4. Represent landlords in court.

  5. Claim for rent arrears and disrepair claims.

We can help tenants:

  1. Review the validity of Notices.

  2. Advise on their rights to occupation.

  3. Defend possession proceedings.

  4. Defend rent arrears and disrepair claims.

Evict A Tenant Chigwell, UK