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Google Review Reputation

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Wyn Legal team

Google and similar search engine review platforms play an important role in educating users on the strengths and weaknesses of a company. Potential customers want to see what real people who have used a service have to say about a company before they embark on using the service.

Some review comments may be positive and others may be negative but an issue arises where a review is either fake, false, defamatory or malicious.

We use a two step approach:

Step 1 – Communicating with Google

Google takes down reviews that are flagged in order to comply with Google Policy or legal obligation. Whilst reviews left on google are processed to detect inappropriate content like fake reviews and spams, harmful reviews should be “flagged” with Google to accelerate the chances of having them removed. 

There are ten different types of content that are prohibited on Google reviews which are:

  1. Spam and fake content.
  2. Off-topic.
  3. Restricted content.
  4. Illegal content.
  5. Terrorist content.
  6. Sexually explicit content.
  7. Offensive content.
  8. Dangerous and derogatory content.
  9. Impersonation.
  10. Conflict of interest.

Where a review falls into one of the above 10 categories, a formal request should be made to Google to have the review removed.

Step 2 – Formally requesting a customer to edit or delete the Google review

We assist businesses in robustly liaising with customers who have left a fake, false, defamatory or malicious Google review to remove or edit it by a deadline to avoid legal proceedings.  We will carefully craft the letter to ensure it sets out the law or policy that has been breached by the publication of the review.

Our solicitors will assist you in:

  1. Assessing the Google review and advising on the prospects of successfully removing the review.
  2. Engaging with Google or other platforms to remove the offending statements as part of step 1 (above).
  3. Engaging with the customer to edit or delete the Google review as part of step 2 (above).
  4. Consider any further legal action that may be necessary.
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