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Labour’s plans for the Private Rental Sector

The Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, has announced a General Election for Thursday, July 4th. With recent polls indicating that Labour is leading, it’s crucial to understand their plans for the Private Rental Sector.


Abolishing Section 21

In September 2022, Labour introduced rental reform plans through a renters’ charter, further refined in October 2023. Although the upcoming General Election might dissolve the Renters (Reform) Bill, Labour remains steadfast in its commitment to abolishing Section 21, which permits “no fault” evictions.

During the Bill’s second reading in October 2023, the Conservatives emphasised the need for significant court reforms before abolishing Section 21, creating uncertainty around the timeline. The bill is currently undergoing a third reading and report stage. Labour’s Deputy Leader, Angela Rayner, recently asserted that they would scrap Section 21 on their first day in office and close loopholes that exploit tenants.

Decent Home Standard

As part of the original Renters (Reform) Bill, Labour has indicated its commitment to extending the Decent Home Standard to the private rented sector. 

Introduced in 2000, the Decent Homes Standard ensures all social housing meets minimum quality and safety criteria. This includes being free from serious health and safety hazards, being in a reasonable state of repair, having modern, and providing effective insulation and heating for thermal comfort. 

Additional Proposals

Labour’s plans for the Private Rental Sector may also include:

Rent arrears – End automatic repossessions for rent arrears.

Pets in rented homes – The right for renters to have pets. 

Increased notice periods – They would like introduce a four month notice period for repossessions by landlords. 

Rent controls – They would like to consult on proposals to control rent increases within tenancies.

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