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How can a Landlord increase rent?

In Britain, the private rents are rising at their quickest rate amid a cost-of-living crisis, placing more strain on households. Knowing your rights as a renter and what your landlord can and cannot do is essential. Here is everything you need to know.

Landlords are entitled to increase the rent they charge. Frequently, landlords have to increase the rent gradually to keep up with the pace of inflation and living expenses. Your tenancy agreement should outline how and when the rent will be reviewed. Your landlord is expected to adhere to the rent increase processagreed upon in the tenancy agreement.

For any tenancy, there are two rules that landlords must follow:

  1. If the landlord wants to raise the rent more than initially discussed, obtaining the tenant’s permission is necessary.
  2. The rent increase must be fair and realistic, meaning that it must be consistent with the rent in the area and proportionate to the size of the property.

Landlords should always provide the tenant with reasonable notice before any rent increases. If you pay rent weekly or monthly, the landlord is required to provide you with a minimum of one month’s notice. If your tenancy runs for a set period (i.e. yearly), the landlord must provide the tenant with a six months notice period.


When can a landlord increase the rent?

In a periodic tenancy that rolls monthly or weekly, the landlord cannot increase your rent more than once a year, and the tenant must consent to any increase in the rent.

In a fixed-term tenancy (tenancy agreement for a predetermined period), a landlord can only increase your rent if the tenant agrees to it. And if the tenant disagrees, the rent can only be increased after the fixed term ends.


Evict a Tenant

How your landlord must propose a rent increase?

A landlord can raise the rent in several ways.

  1. They can give you a new tenancy agreement with increased rent once your fixed-term tenancy ends.
  2. Decide on a rent increase with you and provide a written agreement you both sign.
  3. Use a ‘Landlord’s notice proposing a new rent’ form to increase the rent once the fixed term has passed.

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