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Fake or Defamatory Google Reviews – A six-step guide to tackling these

We have recently assisted a wedding supplier with the removal of a defamatory Google review left by an aggrieved client and would like to share some of the ways you can resolve the issue of fake reviews.

Whilst Google Reviews play an important role in educating users on the strengths and weaknesses of a wedding supplier’s service, they can be particularly problematic when false, inaccurate, or defamatory Google Reviews are left by a client.

Our six-step guide to tackling these reviews are as follows:

  1. Ensure you are continually monitoring your online reputation
    We would suggest weekly checks of your business name and any reviews left of the business.
  2. Create Google Alerts
    Creating Google alerts on your business name and personal name will allow you to be notified of any new content featuring these names. This will allow you to act promptly if anything fake or defamatory is published.
  3. Informal Action
    Informally trying to resolve the issue with the aggrieved client and kindly asking them to remove or edit the false content would be the most cost effective and efficient method of dealing with this issue.
  4. Liaising with Google
    We can assist you with liaising with Google in the event of a fake or defamatory legal review. We ask Google to take down reviews which are “flagged” in order to comply with Google Policy and legal obligations. Examples of prohibited content on Google Reviews include “fake content”, “impersonation” and “offensive content”.
  5. A Formal Letter Before Action to The Client
    Where the client can be identified, we assist wedding suppliers in robustly liaising with customers who have left a fake, false, defamatory, or malicious Google review to remove or edit it by a deadline to avoid legal proceedings.
  6. Defamatory Proceedings
    If the content left on a Google Review post is defamatory, we will assist wedding suppliers with a defamation claim.

For any more information about dealing with defamatory online content, do not hesitate to contact us.